Ancient History Lesson #1

Okay, here’s your ancient history lesson #1 – all the way back to the 1960’s. That’s when tie-died fabrics first appeared on t-shirts, complete with wild, psychedelic colors and usually a peace sign or a smiley face. I’ll bet if you look closely into your mom’s closet, you’ll find one of these, along with some elephant bell-bottoms.

Since then, tie dye hasn’t really “dyed”….its life has continued throughout the years. And, it looks like it’s not leaving anytime soon. The modern tie-died look isn’t your mother’s tie-die, nor do you have to listen to Jimi Hendrix or the Grateful Dead to be part of the culture. However, all tie-die looks have one thing in common: tie-died clothes are as individual as you are. So many fun and different details make each item distinctive and unique. The colors you pick, the patterns you select (or create), the style of clothes that you choose – all of these carry the unspoken message: “I’m unique. I’m an individual. And, I love who I am!”

You’ll love who you are in the many tie-died tops and dresses on Sunshine Bliss.

Tie-die. Maybe it’s not “groovy” any more, but it’s beautiful and fresh and individual – just like you.

Peace out.


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