Mad about Plaid?

Mad about Plaid? Or, maybe you’re just mad at plaid. With the return of the 90’s grunge scene, there are many ways to make the 90’s staple of a plaid shirt more versatile so that everyone can take a part in the trend.

Layers! Layers! Layers! Layer the shirt over your favorite concert or graphic tee to keep it warm and on trend. Another fun way to flirt up a plaid top is to layer it over your favorite sundress with high socks or combat boots to complete the look. You can wear a plaid shirt under a cardigan if you’re not quite feeling the grunge, but want to have fun mixing and matching your plaid. Or you can wear it under your favorite sweater with the collar and sleeves out to add a preppier look. Wear it under a blazer to dress it up for the day….the options are endless.

Don’t be afraid to also mix your patterns when styling your plaid. Put your favorite plaid shirt with a glam skirt, or even under a patterned jacket such as camouflage to funk it up a little bit. Add a blanket scarf or a fun hat to mix it up a little bit. Tie it around your waist with your tee and favorite jeans or over a skirt to add to the vintage vibe.

Don’t get mad….get plaid! There’s really not much you can’t do with your plaid of choice. So, take a risk and find your signature flair.


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