Trends to watch for as spring comes in…

As the plaids and richness of the fall season fade, some of the spring trends slowly come into view. And, as far as we are concerned….never fast enough!
These are some of the trends you will see for Spring 2017.

Stripes! Seaside and nautical stripes that look like they were taken straight off the umbrella from the pool or the sailor’s hat, relaxed beach stripes on a dress, even Wall Street men’s stripe is also shown. The masculine meets feminine makes a comeback this year. Pairing a structured top with a flowy skirt makes it right on trend for the spring.

Bright shades of Pink and all shades of yellow are a huge color staple for the spring. Bright color is always our favorite trend of the season! If you can’t wear the soft shades of yellow, switch to the bright. You can even jazz up any outfit with a yellow or pink accessory!

Bare shoulders are in.  Whether it be a full shoulder or a partial, find the bare that you can bear. Contrary to popular belief, most women look amazing with some cutout or exposed shoulder. Don’t be afraid to show some shoulder.

Romantic floral prints continue through the season, especially in bold patterns and colors. So, whatever trend you gravitate toward, rest assured, spring is on its way!


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